Monday, 2 January 2017

Revealed- Couples are more likely to conceive at 10.36pm on January 2


 Are you currently trying for a baby ? Perhaps you should give it a go tonight as January 2 at 10.36pm has been revealed as the most common time of the whole year to conceive.

According to statistics by Channel Mum , 71% of would-be parents will be having sex at this time.

The channel asked 2,139 couples and the majority agreed that January 2 is the top day for some fun between the sheets as 'the drinking and partying is over' and they want to spend time together before returning to work.
The study showed couples made more love over the festive season as they had more time together and felt 'happier' at Christmas time.
A few extra glasses of festive bubbles also helped put people in the mood

This gives lovers even more time together and 10.36pm was revealed to be the most common time to fall pregnant, with 71% of those questioned admitting to having sex around this time.

Top 10 sex positions to conceive

1. Missionary - 75%

2. Doggy style - 36%

3. The Eagle - woman lies flat while man knees up and holds her legs up high - 30%

4. Cowgirl - woman on top facing man - 19%

5. Downward doggy - 18.5%

6. The Toad - woman clasps legs around man as both of you lie flat - 18%

7. The Curled Angel/Spooning - spooning position lying on side - 15%

8. Reverse Cowgirl - woman on top facing away from man - 7%

9. Standing up - 6%

10. The Peg - man lies flat while woman lies flat on top of him - 5%


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