Friday, 20 January 2017

Participant Of MMM Cries Out As All GH Requests Are Deleted and new rules instated

The joy of participants (Mavrodians) in MMM over the return of the scheme on January 13, a month after it froze their accounts, has turned out to be shortlived as they have been fed excuse after excuse.

On Tuesday, four days after its return it cancelled all (GH) requests by participants to get their money back, creating panic once again.
“MMM has crashed o. Mmm deleted automatically every GH request few minutes ago. We are stranded now,” a participant, who did not want his identity disclosed wrote in a message to PUNCH.

But the scheme had another excuse ready; a system upgrade is to be blamed. It explained that the site was not fully shut down for the upgrade because that would cause panic.

They said, “Please note that the GH orders were not cancelled because if cancelled, you will see it at the right hand side as deleted. It was removed because of the following reasons:

There is an ongoing upgrade because programmers are always working on the MMM system every day so the promised New Model can be unveiled as soon as possible.”

It added, “There is no cause for any alarm over the removed GH orders, if you check your Mavro, you will notice the value of the removed GH order has been restored and had also increased though it is still showing pending withdrawal.”

But for many participants, there was call for alarm. For instance, a user pointed out that contrary to the claim in the statement there was no pending sign on his account.

“My mavro isn’t showing pending o. And I hope the order will be restored automatically when they are done because I can’t start waiting for another week to get paired, haba,” a participants complained in response to the post.

Another participant told one of our correspondents that while the GH requests were removed, the provide help function was still active.

About three million Nigerians, who are believed to be participants of the illegal scheme, had received a shocker on December 13 when their accounts was frozen with one suicide attempt reported.  ads

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