Friday, 11 May 2012

Man Stuck Inside Another Man's Wife Due To Black Magic


A Kenyan man who was cheating with another man’s wife got stuck in her this week in a guest house in Nairobi. The husband of the woman had suspected she was cheating on him, so he visited a witchdoctor who applied black magicon the wife, causing the cheating man to get stuck inside her during the act.

For hours, the police could not rescue him from the black magic, and the husband in blue jeans and white T-Shirt refused to be persuaded.
A big crowd swelled outside to witness the drama, as police ran out of options on how to help the two. The cheating man finally agreed to pay the husband Sh20,000 in compensation. Then a local pastor was called in to pray and the two were finally separated.

At the end of the video the cheating man was seen heading out to withdraw the money from an ATM.


  1. Copy this link and past it in your GOTO address bar to watch the video live:

    it's very funny and crazy.

  2. next time he will not try it.


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