Friday, 30 September 2016

Photos: Remember the lady who posed with a manequinn at her wedding? Her cousin gives clarification

Remember the Nigerian bride who posed by a ‎manequinn at her wedding recently? Her cousin has come out to give clarification about the photo, adding that contrary to assumptions, the groom was at the wedding and that the mannequin was actually part of the decoration for the event. Facebook user, Ogo Marilyn OmoAfrica Anona, who gave the update wrote;
"About the photo that went viral This is my cousin and her traditional wedding picture went viral yesterday ... . Well the picture started trending because people thought she was getting married to a mannequin and the husband was absent so the mannequin stood in his place. But that is not true ... So to be clear eeh, Her husband was at the wedding in Person as the picture below depicts... The mannequin was just a decoration (I do not know the purpose of that kind of deco).. . And as part of the people that shared the picture(Without knowing she was my sister), I want to apologize to her for the hurt and pain this have caused her and other family members.‎

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