Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Woman documents her breast reduction journey on Instagram (photos)

Artist and YouTuber, Lala, who goes by the name pretty_kitty_meow on Instagram took to the photo-sharing site to share a photo of her boobs after a breast reduction procedure. Surgeons removed 1.8kg of fat and tissue to reduce her massive J cup breasts to D-DD.
Lala from Salt Lake City shared the photo taken four days after surgery saying she was still suffering a little pain and her breasts still swollen. She revealed that back pain caused by her huge J cup breasts informed her decision to reduce them to D-DD, a reduction of six cup sizes.

The artist also posted a comparison shot to social media showing her breasts before and after surgery in the same low cut dress, where the difference is very noticeable. 
Lala says any woman looking to undergo breast reduction surgery can contact her and many have applauded her bravery calling her an inspiration.

Not everyone sees it that way though with many criticizing her for sharing the pics.


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