Friday, 17 June 2016

Photos: Angry woman allegedly stabs her husband '3 times in the stomach' on their wedding anniversary

The lady (pictured) allegedly stabbed her husband three times in his stomach, out of mere detestation (hatred, disgust), on the night of their first wedding anniversary. According to the person who narrated what happened, the man has two wives -  Amina Maru (the accused) and her senior wife. Amina was allegedly not contented with the affair between her husband and his other wife...

"She’s always accusing her husband based on different assumptions and recently alleged that he bought a new car for his senior wife, who is a top civil servant. On the faithful day, he was meant to spend the night at the accused apartment, since he has two separate houses. Unfortunately for him, he was invited to an impromptu business meeting with a top government official in the state.
The meeting was over-stretched and at a point, the accused contended that he went to her senior wife's home before coming to her. While he was sleeping in their bed later that night, She picked up a sharp knife and stabbed him in the stomach three times. Amina had been warning the victim to divorce her, saying if not, he’ll regret some atrocities. But he gave her threats a deaf ear. She finally carried out the attack on June 12 - the night of their 1st marriage anniversary."
The Accused - Amina has been arrested by the Police while the victim is currently receiving treatment in Gusau, Zamfara State. ads

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