Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Watch shocking moment mother and little daughter assaulted a woman in Brooklyn

Video which was taken in 2015 but has recently gone viral, shows the shocking and sad moment a mother and her daughter who appears to be 5 or 6 years old beat up a woman as she lay on the floor.

It is not clear what sparked the scene but the assailant claims the victim 'laid hands' on her daughter.

As the video starts, the furious mother is already shoving the cowering woman around the restaurant, sending her sprawling into tables and chairs.
'You put your hands on my daughter?' she screams as she yanks a chair out of the woman's hands. 'What is wrong with you?'
The little girl joins in, mimicking her mom by planting a kick in the woman's back.

The woman cries out in agony 'Call the police! Call the police!' but her attackers are unrelenting.
'You assaulted my daughter!' the mom shouts, 'I will kick you!'
They get in few more blows before leaving.

More photos and the video below...


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