Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Wow! Millions of people around the world protest against Donald Trump's presidency (photos)

This is unprecedented. Hundreds of thousands of women and men today gathered for a global 'solidarity' march in the wake of the inauguration of Donald Trump as US president.

Over 2.2 million people in the US, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Canada, Berlin, Edinburgh, Rome, Prague, Stockholm, Athens, Copenhagen, New Delhi, Brussels, Mexico City, Barcelona, Manila, Toronto, Madrid, Geneva, Cardiff and Sydney and other parts marched globally today in opposition of the 45th President of the USA, a man who didn't get the mandate of the people of America but was fortunate to get the mandate of the electoral college. See more photos after the cut
This protest in London

Protest in Canada 

Protest in Barcelona, Spain
 Protest in Madrid

 Protest in Brussels
Protest in Amsterdam
Protest in New Delhi 
Protest in Prague

 Protest in Washington DC
Protest in Bristol

Protest in Athens
Protest in Paris


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