Sunday, 11 December 2016

Bovi issues SOS after plane passenger swaps his bag

Comedian and actor,Bovi has cried out after an unknown plane passenger took his bag,and left his/her own..Bovi said since he was the  last person to disembark, he didn't notice on time.Usually,the other person should have take the bag back to the airline,but hasn't done that. Bovi wrote...
SOS!!! Dear friends, someone carried my bag instead of his yesterday upon landing in lagos from benin via air peace. We landed lagos around 3pm. I carried his as well because I was one of the last to disembark. It was such a full flight and I didn't board early so I had to keep my bag in an overhead cabin far from my seat. All efforts to get my bag have proven abortive. I tried to get my car keys out of the bag and realized the swap. Sadly I couldn't find him. I have dropped his bag with the air peace customer care. If by chance you know this person, please ask him to do same and drop mine with air peace customer care. On the alternative, you can dm me as well and we take it from there. I'd be very grateful. Please! 🙏🏾" 

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