Monday, 5 December 2016

Blog reader needs advice on what to do on what his fiancee did

A  reader sent in this story and needs your help. Read his story below
I'm 40 years old. I came back from NY where I live for my traditional wedding in Imo state. I've been engaged to my girl for one year and everything is set for our wedding in 2 weeks. Through this one year, we've had time to prepare for everything. I've spent quite a bit of money as she demanded to make her happy.My family has also completed all traditional rights  - just traditional wedding remaining. I'm now stunned with a news from her that she has a 10 year old son.
Honestly. I'm not mad that she has a son, why hide it from me until now??? She blames her mom and sister...that they asked her to keep it from me until I'm really neck deep and cannot pull back.... Now, I've canceled everything in disappointment. Now they appear dangerous to me. PLEASE. TELL ME...AM I WRONG? ?? and WHAT WOULD YOU DO ? ??

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