Thursday, 29 September 2016

Cheeky dad recreates his daughter's modelling shots and it's hilarious

American man Vince Divarco was on a work trip when he happened to be staying in the same hotel as his daughter, Kendel who was there earlier for a modelling shoot. Seeing his chance, the funny dad seized it and recreated her shots in the very same locations.

Earlier this year, Kendel won a modelling contest while at high school in Glendale, Arizona , and was flown out to take part in a glitzy shoot. She was taken to the Green Valley resort for the snaps and her dad just happened to be staying at the same resort. Kendel said she wasn't at all embarrassed because her dad's antics are well known to her.

"My parents have always done crazy things," she said."But I'm a little upset that my dad looked better than I did in most of them."


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