Thursday, 23 June 2016

'Sucide is never the answer' - Chris Brown shares powerful words of advise to a suicidal fan that reached out to him

A suicidal fan reached out to singer Chris Brown via Direct Message on Instagram, requesting for guidance on how to stop the suicidal thoughts that run through her head daily. Chris Brown shared screenshots of the message/his personal response and added,

Chris wrote;
"I never respond to DM requests but I figured I could help. I see so many fans in meet in greets with cut marks, disabilities etc.... And they tell me how my music has saved their lives. THIS IS THE REAL FUCKIN REASON I WILL NEVER STOP MAKING MUSIC AND BEING ME. You never know what people go through and feel. But the pain our world is going through every day has no super Heroes so 1 day at a time the little things or big things we do positively can "SAVE" the world. change isn't instant. You might even take a step forward then 3 steps back. As long as LIGHT(UNCONDITIONAL LOVE) is still in you we have the free will to prosper!"

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