Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Photos: 11-yr-old boy brutally whipped with a power cable by his teacher after failing to solve a maths question

A primary school pupil in China was brutally punished by his teacher for giving the wrong answer to a maths question. 11-yr-old Xiao Yong was left with dozens of bloody marks on his back and legs after his maths teacher whipped him with a power cable.
According to reports, Xiao Yong was asked by Yue to go up to the classroom and answer a maths question written on the blackboard. When he failed to answer the question correctly, the teacher got enraged, picked a power cable in the classroom and savagely scarred his body.

On the boy's return home, he didn't inform his family until one of his cousins discovered the scars after hearing him complaining about aches on his body. Shocked to see the red whipping scars, they quickly rushed him to a local hospital where he was admitted for three days.

After hearing his account of what happened, they immediately went to report the teacher to the authorities. Officials from the local educational bureau confirmed the incident after an investigation and the teacher was immediately suspended by the Xianglu Village Central Primary School in the city of Shiyan, central China's Hubei Province. 

A spokesman from the Primary School said Yue had lived under much pressure recently and must have reacted in a 'bad mood'. He was however suspended from his position.

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