Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Freeze defends Brymo, says the fan who begged him for money doesn't need school to be sucessful

On Saturday, a fan asked Brymo on Twitter, to help him with some funds to enable him pay his 65k school fees, Brymo responded by telling him to drop out and chase his dreams because school isn't meant for everyone.
He got a backlash from some twitter users while some agreed with him. Freeze was one of those who agreed with Brymo on a post he wrote on his IG page and included names of drop outs who are now successful people.  Read what he wrote below:

This was the exchange between Brymo and the fan.
Read Freeze's post below:
Brymo is right, the lad doesn't need school to be successful.  Nigeria's biggest problem is borne out of the sheep mentality that has imprisoned us physically, mentally and even spiritually.
I got an education because my learned parents wanted me to, I have never needed it. I got my coolfm job because of my voice and experience. I got my 1st job with BCOS IBADAN at 19 and by 21, I was in 200 level, yet was training graduates.
Education doesn't guarantee anything. Discover yourself, God already put greatness in you!
Here are people who didn't finish school yet are super successful.
George Washington ​President of the United States
Abraham Lincoln ​​President of the United States
Harry Truman ​​President of the United States
Grover Cleveland ​​President of the United States
Zachary Taylor ​​President of the United States
Andrew Johnson ​​President of the United States
John Glenn ​​​Astronaut, U.S. Senator
Benjamin Franklin ​​U.S. Ambassador
Winston Churchill ​​Prime Minister, England
John Major ​​Prime Minister, England
Florence Nightingale ​Nurse
George Eastman ​​Founder of Eastman Kodak
Ray Kroc ​​​Founder of McDonald’s
Ralph Lauren ​​Fashion designer & Entrepreneur
Doris Lessing ​​Nobel Prize in Literature
George Bernard Shaw ​Playwright
Peter Jennings ​​News anchor ABC
Christopher Columbus ​Explorer
TD Jakes ​​​Pastor
Joel Osteen ​​Pastor
John D. Rockefeller ​Founder of Standard Oil
Ted Turner ​​Founder CNN
Quentin Tarantino ​Movie director
Peter Jackson ​​Movie director (Lord of the Rings)
Mark Twain ​​Author
Carly Fiorina ​​CEO, Hewlett Packard
Charles Dickens ​​Author
William Faulkner ​​Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winner
Li Ka Shing ​​Wealthiest man in Asia
Richard Branson ​​Founder Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Records
Enzo Ferrari ​​Founder of Ferrari
Henry Ford ​​Founder of Ford Motor Company
J. Paul Getty ​​Founder Getty Oil
Jack London ​​Author
Larry Ellison ​​Founder of Oracle
Tom Anderson ​​Founder of Myspace
Mark Zuckerberg ​​Founder of Facebook
Steve Jobs ​​Founder of Apple
Steve Wozniak ​​Founder of Apple
Bill Gates ​​​Founder of Microsoft
Paul Allen ​​​Founder of Microsoft
Ringo Starr ​​Beatles

Arisekola Alao billionaire entrepreneur ~FRZ

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