Friday, 18 May 2012

Mystery behind baby born with Qur'an

This story went viral on the internet last week but I didn't put it here because I didn't believe it one bit. I still don't know how I feel about it now, but let's talk about it here. How in the world can this happen? Is it medically possible for a child to be born with Qur'an?

The baby was born on Monday May 7thth, 2012, at Victoria Moses Church in Mushin, to an unmarried mother. According to the child's mother, Kikelomo Ikori, 32, when the baby was delivered, they saw him holding something in his hand which was stained with blood, and after cleaning it, they discovered it was a mini Qur'an.

A day after the baby was born, hundreds of people stormed the resident of the new mum in Shonde street, Ijeshatedo, Surulere, wanting to see the baby with their own eyes. And since his birth, quite a number of Islamic scholars have traveled far and wide to see the baby. Some people believe it's real, some don't.

The baby's mother Kike, who was a christian before giving birth to the baby has now turned to a Muslim. The baby's daddy is a married man who left Kike and told her to abort the pregnancy when he found out she was pregnant, but Kike decided to keep the pregnancy.


  1. God knws dis is naija,anytin goes 4 money.e fit be 'ONA ATIJE' As yoruba pple dey say.

  2. Only God knows best.

  3. Anyway, Quran or no Quran. If this happens to me, I will regard it as an evil act. I rather be without a religion than to be a muslim. That blood thirsty religion. I have always maintained that if that is the only religion where god is, then I will gladly be godless. How can people slaughter human beings like themselves all in the name of religion. Come to think of it, ihey do it bcos they read it 4rm their quran where it comanded them to convert people through jihad and those who refuse should be regarded as infidels and beheaded.

    1. Iam not a muslim,neither do i believe that a baby was delivered with a quran,but u seem to be so convinced that Islam is a blood thirsty religion when u're so ignorant.Have u seen or read about the atrocities committed by Isreal to armless palestinians?,did u not read in the Bible too that the Isrealites killed the inhabitants of the land of Canaan b4 possessing their land?,'ve u not seen peaceful muslims in southern Nigeria?are there no peaceful muslims even better than u in the UAE,Saudi Arabia,Qatar and even the United States?.U confidently write what u don't 've any idea about,i'm convinced it's pple like u that fuel religious crisis in d country either through ur unshameful acts of ignorance or political greed.For ur information,i'm a Christain but i won't fold my hands and let u destroy the peace we work tirelessly day and night to achieve!

    2. Islam is a religon and Muslims are people who follow the religion...people can be bad or good but u are muslims.cos u tht dos not mean the religion is bad....Islam teaches love others the way u love ur let watch what we says...don't let us mix religion with politics

  4. It's so unreasonable,cld d mini quran be liquid-proof that it even made it to d time of delivery without being torn...abeg make dem no give us ZOBO oo...MAMA ONI MAMA, she needs money to cater for her baby..Pls tell me,what else cld she come up with?

  5. God is great and nothing is imposible

  6. no be only Koran, na Dictionary plus iPad and BB Porsche d pikin follow come... Scammers

  7. naija for show only God can say......biko,


  9. I dnt believe dis issh...itz a big lie jawe....Even Jesus Christ...wey be come with Bible for hand.....and i sure say Mohammed no come dat way......D woman jst cooked up a korrect lie....dat'll will make her famous and money spending alwayz....she con use style turn dis is d new way of getting mone y now!!!!??? Ipad 3...him suppose come with.....hahahahaa

    1. Nobody ask u to believe it...but why not leave judgment 4 God..even when jesus and muhammed s.a.w...came some beleive why some only God know who truly save him...

  10. If dat came from god who is capable of challenge him? I believe nobody, and if dat drama also comes from people, then can't we just leave them for god to judge them instead of keep on say unnecessary things. Some people don't believe it bcos they're Christian, some also don't believe bcos they counts everything as a joke.

  11. A doctor should come and prove that its true, I mean the one that handled the delivery. We have dwelt on a whole lot of lies in Nigeria that we need no more lies, who has a superior argument?

  12. 9ja,W̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ don come again,W̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ no d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ tire @ all,woman who the person †̥ђªt impreginate her don abandon,haahaa,if she no use this scam who ♐G̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊ feed her,anyway very soon Ʊ ♐G̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊ hear sey somebody don born pikin with KJV bible in his hand,infact W̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ cheat GOD wella.

  13. Y is it dat pple are just sayin nonsence 4rm dere mouth,u pple no fear God @ all,we all knw dat God works in a miraclous way,n God dat did dis 4 d woman,is unpredictable God,if such thing happens 2 u,n pple were nw sayin u wanna make money,how will u feel,abeg make u stop all dis nonsense wey u dey say,n if u dn't stop,God will purnish u.try n ave d fear of God n stop discriminating muslims although am not a muslim but God is one.

  14. useless people. Do u think islam is a joke. Y did you move from old testament to a new one. Or na u make am?

  15. i tik God almighty is using dis 2 vindicate or justify dis vry wondaful religion (islam)dat 1 can never imagine....also 2 cleanse d believe dat islam is a mayhem but nt a muslim but believe u me dat am begginin 2 av change of mind wit dis miraculous occurence.

  16. Islam is a religion of peace, we should watch what we say. Some muslims misinteprete the Qur'an and do things which they are not suppose to do. U might think of this so called boko haram in Nigeria and what is going on in other parts of the world like the middle east, this people are not real muslims. They just use the name of Islam to disguise themselves. Muslims are not suppose to kill anybody especially killing of a muslim, but what do u see, they kill each other in the middle east . There is no where in the Qur'an that is stated that muslims should kill other people who belong to another religion. People who belong to other religion are just trying to paint Islam as though it is a violent religion. Let's please be mindful of our words, Islam is a religion of peace.

  17. Beware! anti-christ is on the way. This is a sign of endtime.Every christian should pray fervently cos there is fire on the mountain

  18. There is no difference b/w d story of dis baby and d cock dat calls pple 4 prayer . Hmmmmmmm naija pple we don come again , Let d doctor or d midwife who deliver d baby come out and proof it and even swear in d name of his or her religion. I believe nothing is secret sooner or later d truth shall prevail no matter what . But let us all bcareful of what we do to avoid GOD'S wrath .

  19. Religion or no religion, Jesus Christ is d only way, truth n life....

  20. Jesus is not a MUSLIM o!

  21. Hmmm! Assumin dis baby com wit bible i'll definately agree wit it? Why b/cos i bliv dat Jesus (A.S) is a messenger Of God..... I'm a muslim. So bliv it or not God Is watching u.. Nd One day d truth will com out. Proud to be a muslim

  22. Y r pple sayin al dis ungodly tinz.whether muslim or christian we r al worshipin 1 God bt in different wayz pls my pple bliv dis

  23. Who is fooling who? If it is true that child is born with Quran that means 666 has been born according to bible so be warned.

  24. i can't rely beliv this if is true lest just wait and see what will become of the baby

  25. HmMmmmm, am a Muslim to the core, but, very sceptical about all this baby/qur'an thing. 1. A child born-out-of-Wedlock? 2. Holy Qur'an from womb? With God everything is possible, but the circumstances surrounding the whole issue is questionable.
    I appeal to all critics nd sceptics to mind their language. What we say depicts who nd what we are.

  26. allah is the greastest

  27. believe in God believe also in jesus dat baby is of God but Dqur'an is not of God it is only Jesus dat was born wit mytery through a virgin mother so my dear friends be warned fake prophets are every where used by the devil to achieve his aims. find Jesus and have eternal life after here on earth...

  28. But remember god said wen d word is about to end u will b seein difrent strange ting so its an example to show u dat we are in d evenin word ur soul is d only 1 dat can save u so tink wisely

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