Monday, 16 April 2012

Baby Brutalised & Killed By Her Own Father For Not Being Born A Boy


Baby Afreen: The three-month-old died at Vani Vilas Hospital in Bangalore after her own father allegedly beat her because she was born a girl instead of the son he desired
For about a week, she tried hard to hold on and fight hard. But allegedly brutalised by her father for being born a girl, she stood little chance. Baby Neha Afreen died after a cardiac arrest in a government hospital in Bangalore on Wednesday morning [Apr. 11].
The three-month-old baby was admitted to the Vani Vilas Hospital on Thursday night, April 5, with a severe head injury, dislocated neck and bite and burn marks on her body.
Her father Umar Farooq, a car painter, is accused of inflicting the injuries on her because he wanted a male child. Though Afreen had showed signs of recovery on Tuesday, her condition deteriorated by evening because of repeated convulsions.
Devastated: Mother Reshma Bano wails as she holds the body of her three-month-old daughter Neha Afreen outside a hospital morgue in Bangalore
'She was in semi-comatose state since Tuesday evening. We had put her on life support system. Unfortunately, she could not make it', said Dr Some Gowda, medical superintendent of the hospital.
The hospital authorities were awaiting a team of doctors from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences for assistance because the baby had suffered internal head injuries.
Heartbroken: A relative cries over the body of three-month-old Neha Afreen after she died from injuries allegedly inflicted by her father

But Afreen could no longer fight. She had hurried respiration of 30-40 per minute against the normal 20-25 and also pathycardia, or increased heart rate.
She breathed her last at 11.10 am shortly after a cardiac arrest.
Neha's Mother Reshma was afraid to contact police after she claimed her husband attacked their daughter.
The baby's mother, 19-year-old Reshma Banu, was inconsolable when the doctors broke the news to her. Afreen was her only child and she had been in a state of shock since Thursday.
Reshma claims that her 37-year-old drunkard husband used to beat her up since Afreen was ads


  1. LORD, save us from man's inhumanity to man. How can a 37yrs old man beat and even bite a little innocent child of 3months? It's such a rude shame. Some humans are behaving worse than wild animals... The wicked man should be confined to an asyllum...

  2. They should cut his balls off and shove them down his throat.


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