Saturday, 7 January 2017

Watch moment woman survives being crushed by train by lying motionless in the space between the tracks

The moving video of the moment a woman survived being run over by a train by lying in the space between the train tracks is one that will have you holding your breath. 35-year-old Reeta and her daughter were stuck at a level-crossing in Madhya Pradesh, India after a train did not move for about an hour.

Having waited so long for the train to move so they could cross, the mother decided to cross with her daughter to the other side of the tracks by squeezing between the wheels of the train.
By a twist of fate, the train started moving at the time they started to cross and would have crushed them both, but the startled woman quickly pushed her daughter to safety. With no time left to save herself, Reeta lay flat in the space between the tracks and stayed that way for the three minutes it took the 38-coach freight to cross. Luckily she came out unscathed amidst cheers from onlookers.  ads

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