Thursday, 1 December 2016

Craig David addresses rumours he has died and been replaced by a body double

 Craig David has reacted to conspiracy theories that the real  him died and has been replaced by a look-alike.
The reports started since the ripped 36-year-old singer came back into the public eye looking a far cry from the soft looking teenager he was .

Internet theorists have claimed that the  real Craig was killed off after his second album, Slicker Than Your Average was released in 2002 and replaced with a muscly imposter.And David hasn’t exactly denied the rumours…He told the podcast It’s All Connected...

“That could well be the case, you never know what the deal is,” And that stunt double is coming through well. It’s almost like being reborn.He took the baton and he’s like: ‘OK great. Cool, that was nice what you did on Born To Do It and Slicker Than Your Average was nice. Let me take that baton from you.’

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