Sunday, 23 October 2016

Mums share the hilarious excuses they give when their kids catch them having sex

A group of mums have gone online to share funny reasons they've given when they were caught by their kids having sex with their husbands.

An anonymous  user on the Mums Advice Facebook page asked what she should have told her kid when she was caught having sex with her husband, and she got hilarious responses in return..

One mum on seeing the post laughed:
“Got caught millions of times. Last month my 17-year-old son went out. So I thought great be as noisy as I want. He decided not to go out, he opened the door seen the rain and went to his room. I was caught rapid lol.”
Another mum said:
“My partner and I was being really quiet quite early on a Sunday morning. Then we heard footsteps so stopped and had a giggle to be honest. Then we heard my oldest say to my twins, ‘Did mummy and daddy wake you up with their romance too?!’Nearly died of shame there and then!”
See more  hilarious responses below.


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