Tuesday, 4 October 2016

'Choosing you was the best decision of my life' - IK Osakioduwa says to his wife as they celebrate 8th wedding anniversary

The multimedia personality and his wife, Olohi, are celebrating their 8th wedding anniversary today October 3rd. IK took to his IG page to shower his wife with kind words. He wrote;
"Choosing you was logic and not just a thing of the heart. You could relate with all of me, and not just a section or part. It was a no brainer once I thought it through.There could be no one else but you. Choosing you was easy
Through baggy shirts and oversized jackets

Through cheap gifts in lousy packets
You saw what other girls couldn't see
You saw inside. You saw me
Choosing you was easy

Whether I was fun, serious, spiritual or crazy
You appreciated my difference, instead of trying to change me
Your combination of beauty and brains was just unique
I knew my dating days had reached their Peak
Choosing you was easy

You've made a better wife, than a girlfriend or fiancé
And you were good at those, but you've improved each day.
I can't help but look forward to the rest of this life
Married to the quintessential "Entertainer's wife"
Choosing you was the best decision of my life". 


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