Wednesday, 13 July 2016

2 year old boy shot dead by gang members, his baby sister also shot

A 2 and a half year old boy named Le’Vonte King Jason Jones was targeted and shot dead by gang members on Friday July 8th, as he was driving with his sister and mother in their family van. According to police, the sad incident occurred at the Penn and Lowry intersection in North Minneapolis last week.
Police say a surveillance video shows a vehicle trailing the family minivan Le'Vonte and his sister Melia were traveling in around 11.27am on Friday, and shows shots fired from the vehicle into the minivan. Le’Vonte’s family minivan sped off with a bullet hole visible just below the second row window. Both Le’Vonte and Melia were hit. The 2 year old died but his 15month old sister survived.

Police say they believe the van was targeted but have no leads as no one is talking! ads

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