Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Kiss Daniel said he used to stay in a rat infested house

Singer Kiss Daniel recalled a memory from his childhood as he shared a throwback photo of himself as a baby. Talking about the time rats infested his childhood home, he said,
'This lil guy made history with 'NEW ERA' album... JUMBO, ALONE, KUDI, DURO, ANOTHER DAY, SIN CITY, KISS ME.... I remember back in the day when we used to stay in a rat infested house in KUTO, ABK and then 2 mother rats gave birth at once LORD...
 In days, The whole house was filled with rats, we had to stand on our dining table one night till dawn but my dad was the man, he killed some but then joined us soon enough on the dining table to rest his muscles... What a strong dining table. Let today be the day you look back and Say thank you GOD! Just noticed... Ignore my female shoe , I used my sisters shoe, Na shoe abeg.

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