Sunday, 19 June 2016

IG user reacts to Olori Wuraola's speech on Gender Equality

After Olori Wuraola's take on the Gender equality bill, she got some backlash and support from different people. Below is what Diary of a Naija girl thinks about it: Read her full post below:
Dear Olori, The reason you can hold a microphone and speak in public rather than at the backyard of the palace cooking jollof rice while your husband travels the world, is because of women like you who fought for us to live life and enjoy it equally like anyone else
Please see below a summary of what the fight for gender equality is about: ..
**If I work for 3 hours and a man works for 3 hours, we both deserve to get paid the same
**A woman can now decide that, Marriage shall mean Partnership, Friendship, companionship as well as Passion; not slavery
**I am not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, or more responsible than a man. Likewise, I am never less
**If a man’s virginity cannot be tested on the wedding night, mine shouldn’t be tested as well
**Because my husband has authority in my home does not make me inferior. We are both equal in essence and worth. Our responsibilities are just different
**It means that my character/behaviour is solely guided by my principles not by society’s expectation of how I “should” behave
**It means that I can wear a crown too! Ask Queen Elizabeth
Your Royal Highness, do not be deceived, your belief in this revolution has absolutely no bearing in its movement. Stand tall, behind the king, watch as more women understand this concept, watch as they break the glass ceiling, reaching straight for the moon… and beyond…in their Louboutins

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